The Three-Legged Dog, LLC.

My name is Sammy and in September 2011 I became a three-legged dog.  My Mom didn't have to look very far to find inspiration when she was thinking of a name for her company because she loved me AND three-legged dog is a yoga pose.  It was perfect!

I was named after Sammy Hagar (my Mom liked THAT Van Halen) and my Mom used my full name when she was mad at me.  Normally though, she called me Sammitch.  Or, if she thought I whined or didn't want to listen to her she would call me Samantha.  

When my Mom created this company, I was 11 years old and I had 2 boxer brothers.  I snored A LOT and I would get really nervous when I heard thunder and lawn mowers.  I loved my breakfast dog food mixed with plain, non-fat yogurt and my dinner dog food was always mixed with unsalted green beans.  I also loved peanut butter, chicken jerky, peanut butter dog cookies, and dog ice cream.  

My favorite toys were heavy-duty rubber toys that squeak.  I had a football that squeaks with the slightest nibble and I loved that one!  My brothers would rush to me when they heard the toys though, so I usually tried to play when they were outside.  Sometimes, I would go outside and play ball, which I always enjoyed.  When I was younger, I LOVED chasing a soccer ball.  I became slower as I aged and lost a leg but those balls were always fun to chase!  

I enjoyed laying in the sun and going for short walks.  I also enjoyed laying in shallow water but I never did enjoy deep water - even with a life jacket!  I did, however, enjoy drinking water but I would drink a lot very quickly so I was always told to "slow down" or "take a break". 

I practiced yoga with my Mom and I also enjoyed meditation and stretching.  I especially enjoyed downward-facing dog.  I was The Three-Legged Dog. 

Sammy crossed the Rainbow Bridge Thursday afternoon, May 21st, 2015.  Rest well, my beloved three-legged baby.