Why don't more people practice yoga?  Perhaps they don't know what to wear, or don't know what to expect, or they think that they will walk into a room and be asked to do a pose similar to some of the images floating around in magazines and on social media.  What a horrible way to invite people to yoga!

I have created a beginner series that takes you through what you can expect from almost any yoga class.  We begin with basic yoga etiquette, we explore poses and sequences that you can expect in almost any yoga class, and we cover modifications and props to help you get the most from YOUR experience.  We introduce you to terms that you may hear, we discuss different types of yoga, and what you can expect when you take yoga in different environments.  This series can be modified to present as a one-day workshop or can be extended to as much as 6-weeks.  I offer this service in studios and in private settings for up to 10 people - I have provided this service to couples, corporate employees, groups of friends, and private clients who were not yet comfortable attending a public yoga class.  If you're interested in having me work with you or if you are a studio owner and you would like to offer this valuable service to your existing and potential client base, please contact me so that we can get together and chat.  

Intro to Yoga Beginner Series

City Silence was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio by my dear friend, Stacy Sims and is simply a movement of sitting together, silently, for a few minutes or much longer, in city spaces and community places.  It is slowing the world down and noticing what we smell, hear, taste and feel. It is noticing our thoughts, the genius ones right along with the harebrained ones.  It is turning off our digital devices and turning on our capacity for stillness, focus, wonder, creativity, compassion, and awe.  City Silence is connecting to each other in the space of silence, where we are all the same, where we are all just humans who want to feel better and do good in the world.  

We conducted the inaugural Richmond City Silence every Thursday in May in the park behind the Richmond Public Library Main Branch.  We hope to bring City Silence back to this wonderful location later this summer and we hope to make this our permanent home.  Please keep an eye here for updates and join us as we embrace silence in the middle of this energetic and amazing city.  I will hold space for you for one hour and you're welcome to join us for the full hour or any part of it - just join us.  No meditation experience necessary, no fee to participate and no need to register - just show up and bring an open heart and an open mind.  For more information about City Silence all over the world, please click the link below.  See you there!

Richmond Public Library Main Branch Park

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